Agile recruitment – is it possible? Part 1

Agile working or agile projects or agile thinking is something we hear and read more and more about here in Norway. Technology and IT companies are perhaps the driver behind this, but also other industries are now opening their eyes for more agile work environments. One industry who perhaps needs this the most, but who are far behind is the recruitment industry. An industry that is known for being conservative and an industry that some will argue is slowly losing its face among everything from start-up and small companies to medium and large organisations.

Having mainly provided outplacement services in 2015 and 2016, we felt it was time to relaunch OG-S and our recruitment services in 2017 and our main aim; to be a modern headhunting company and the driver behind news ways of thinking when it comes to securing the best people for our clients. “Framtidens Hodejeger” we say in Norwegian and now that we are getting more and more established we thought it was time to share some of our experiences and thoughts with you in relation to how your company can run recruitment processes in a more agile and efficient manner.

During the next weeks we will write a series of texts on the blogg here at www.ogsnorway.com If you prefer to receive these articles directly to your inbox then please get in touch with Erik Falk Hansen on efh@ogsnorway.com

The official start to the series will be published in week 34, but for now we would like to give you something to think about.

  1. Assume a really good candidate applies for a position with your company on the day of launch. Is there really any benefit of not starting the process with this candidate immediately? What risks are there to your company if you wait speaking with this candidate until the advertisement period is finished? What costs and extra work is involved if you wait?
  2. Writing and processing an advert can take time. Often several days, if not a several weeks from when the need was first established. Why does most companies wait in term of getting the message out to the market place? Isn`t it fair to assume that a brief update on the company social media sites and on the LI profiles to management team could secure publicity and candidates immediately? What would this save the company in terms of time and cost?
  3. Many people have structured interviews in which one use same format and same questions for all candidates. Somewhat ironic isn’t it considering all candidates / humans are different? Would it be fair to assume that one would get a better understanding of the candidate if we allowed for the interview to move in whatever direction it was natural for it to move in?
  4. In connection with point three. Assume you have designed a recruitment process for a particular position. Based on the results from advertisement campaign, network and search, what would be the benefits of re-visiting the agreed process and make minor changes throughout the process?

Have a good think about the above. We could give you a list of many + scenarios such as this but let`s start slowly.

And finally, for those who want to do some more thinking or “recruitment soul searching”; Recruiting is first and foremost about ensuring you get the right candidate in terms of skills, experience, education, motivation and cultural fit. Yet there are other factors too that are important in a recruitment process such as Employer Branding, time efficiency and cost efficiency.  Some people think that by focusing on time and cost that one jeopardise getting the right candidate. Does that really need to be the case?

Hope you have a good think about this as it will help you following this article series in the weeks ahead.

Erik Falk Hansen
Partner, OG-S AS
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