A Software Engineers dream?

Now that OG-S AS has launched “Software As A Candidate” I had a chat with Partner, Ingunn Søyland, about how this will be really useful for those SW Engineers who are in jobs, but who do not want to risk missing out on the most awesome SW jobs in Norway.

What do you think Ingunn about this simple yet incredibly useful idea?

Awesome Erik. It really is, and great to see we are the first ones really making it easy for all those passive candidates out there.

Why is it so important?

With the way the market is today here in Norway, we as a Headhunter (and our clients) assume that the best SW people already are in exciting and good jobs. They do not have any specific plans of making a move. In order to reach out to this group of people we need to provide services that are on their premises.

On their premises. What do you mean?

Make it easy for them. No CV, no application, no database registrations and so forth. Perhaps even more important; Meet or talk to them outside of working hours.

So is there no commitment from the SW Engineers side?

Of course not Erik. It is just an opportunity for them to A) Be kept informed if an awesome opportunity comes up and B) Avoid spam and constant calls from Headhunters

Surely this will be great for our clients too?

Absolutely. In simple terms; It means they too can get access to more of the best SW Engineers, thus beating their competitors in the race for the best heads.  Not only that; It also shows respect for both the clients and the passive candidates` brand, something in which is an important part of our job.

A lot of SW Engineers that are in jobs decide not to listen to opportunities they are presented with. Is this strange?

Not at all. Why would they and how could they? There is too many jobs out there and it must be painfull to constantly be contacted I guess.

So does the SW have anything to lose here?

Apart from 15 minutes of their time on the phone or 30 minutes over a cup of coffee, then no. This is time worth setting aside to ensure you don’t lose out on a cool and awesome job in the future if you ask me.

So how does it work?

No fancy things or rocket science. We just want to speak with these guys or girls outside of work and agree with them what roles could be of interest in the future and then only contact them once such jobs are available.

Why no database or CV?

Lets make it easy for these guys and girls. I myself can imagine the pain of having to spend hours registrering details in a database, and again; If you are in a job, why would you leave your CV details anywhere??

So no details are stored?
Just email and phone numer and this isn’t stored in a system. It is stored in one of the OG-S partners phone.

Is this only for SW Engineers?

That was the initial plan, but I suppose any passive candidate (In a job) could use this service.

To get in touch;

Oslo – Managing Director – Erik Falk Hansen – +47 40 43 54 93 – efh@ogsnorway.com
Stavanger – Partner – Kennet Hansen – +47 90 06 69 43 – kennet.hansen@ogsnorway.com

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