New service – For companies wanting to hire the best

In OG-S we aim to make recruitment as simple and agile as possible, thus giving companies various ways of recruiting the best talent here in Norway. Most of our work comes from specific recruitment processes and projects on behalf of our clients. However, today we are also launching a brand new service that may assist your company securing the best talent.

When working on recruitment projects for our clients we will always meet candidates that perhaps do not have the right specific skills for that particular position. In such instances where the candidate has been through a successful interview process with OG-S we will now present their profiles to the general market via our LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/company/og-s-as/

If the profile could be of interest to your company then we will provide you with a full CV, interview notes and references for the candidate. There will be no cost to your company unless you decide to hire the person and no commitment required from your part.

How does it work?

  1. Once you see an interesting profile you get in touch with Erik Falk Hansen in OG-S to request candidate CV, our interview notes and notes from the candidate`s references
  2. OG-S will provide you with candidate CV as well as terms and conditions if you were to make a hire
  3. We set up the interview between candidate and your company
  4. You make an offer of a permanent position to the candidate directly
  5. OG-S invoice once the candidate has accepted the position and signed contract

What companies is this relevant for?

  1. Companies that continuously look for the best talent
  2. Companies that are recruiting directly themselves but who have not yet found the right candidate
  3. Companies that are not willing to enter more structured recruitment processes
  4. Companies that are using other recruitment companies but whom are not delivering the right candidates

What type of candidates will be presented?

The candidates we present will often have skills and experience from within niche / specialist areas where there is a high demand for candidates e.g Software Engineers. We will also from time to time present profiles of candidates at management level. The candidates will typically already be in a job but looking to make a move once the right opportunity comes up.

OG-S are incredible excited about this new service and hope to present at least 2 profiles per week to the general market.

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If you are currently looking to recruit and would like OG-S to present our services in terms of a structured recruitment process then also feel free to get in touch. In OG-S we aim to be the “recruiter of tomorrow” and deliver agile and flexible services that A) is tailored to your need and the position and that B) ensures your Employer Brand remains in focus throughout the recruitment process.